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How to order bespoke | custom | hand-made | commissioned work

  • How can I order an artwork, created individually for me ?
    You send me an elaborate description of the desired motif and your interpretation. 
    I will create an artistic rendition of your description.
  • I wish to have a historical motif to be hand-drawn for me.
    You send me a copy, print-out or link with a template. I
    will create an artistic rendition of your template.
  • Is each artwork really unique ?
    It is. Every artwork will be created on account of a specific request.
  • Who decides about materials, drawing instruments and colors used ?
    You do, if it is important to you. Or you can leave it up to me.
  • What is your source of information concerning the motifs you draw ?
    You are. I draw solely based on your description.
  • Are the examples on display here commissioned work ?
    No. Some have become part of private collections. However, they were created of my own accord. Solely the lodge interior is a commissioned work.
  • Will my motif be published ?
    Generally, I reserve the right to publish my work as one of my references. If you insist that it not be published, we can agree on that.
  • How much does a hand-crafted artwork cost ?
    The price depends on the nature and dimension of the work: Pen-and-ink drawing or painting, the use of leaf gold, the type of paper or canvas, the manufacturing of a sculpture, the acquisition of objects or tools needed … all influence the price that we will agree upon in advance.
  • I am interested in a personal Tarot deck / a triptych / ceremonial magic / etc.
    Sounds like an extensive cooperation. As long as your spiritual affiliation with the powers of light is not in doubt, we can pursue more ambitious projects too.

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